Sunday, May 24, 2020

Weekly Plan for May 25 - 29

Hello everyone!
This week you are going to READ the Video Time Capsule assignment posted under Classwork. You may have to add to your storyboard if it is not detailed enough or if you have left anything out.

You have 2 assignments this week:
1. Filming your Video Time Capsule assignment. Your goal is to film 1 scene a day. Look at your storyboard and pick a scene to film. You can film more but if you rush and don't include the items on the checklist (posted under Classwork) your video will be too simple.

2. Reading in preparation for RR5. Daily reading will help you keep your skills as you go onto grade 8.

Enjoy the sunshine and good luck filming!
Ms. B 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Learning Plan: May 19-22 Go to Google Classroom

Go to Google Classroom for all instructions, videos and quizzes. 

There are 4 assignments this week.

1. Watch the 4th video and take the quiz, on Google Classroom.
2. Storyboard your video, instructions posted Wednesday on Google Classroom.
3. Journal entry on Google Classroom.
4. Read a book for RR5.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Learning Plan: May 11-15

There will be 4 video lessons this week with 4 quizzes. Posted: 2 Monday, 1 Tuesday and 1 Thursday.

3 Assignments for this week:

1. Watch the videos and take the quizzes, in Google Classroom. Think about what you will include in your video.

2. Write 1 or more Covid Journal entries, in  Google Classroom.

3. Read a book for RR5.

Video Lesson #1
Watch the video. Really listen to what Riley says.

Go to Google Classroom and take the quiz.

*If you are confused read the video assignment from last week.

Video Lesson #2 and Quiz are on Google Classroom.

Video Lesson #3. Go to Google Classroom for the Quiz. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Video Proposal is due SOON

Thursday is coming. Do you have your proposal started? Finished? Check out my little how to get started video. You just might get motivated. Or laugh a lot!!

Monday, May 4, 2020

May 4 - May 8 Learning Plan

All directions are also posted on Google Classroom. This week you have 1 new assignment and 2 old assignments.

1. Time Capsule Video proposal: due Thursday. A copy has been made for you in Google Classroom.
2. Covid Journaling: another entry due Friday.
3. Reading Response 5: not due until June 10. Enjoy reading your book!

Time Capsule Video proposal instructions.
You will be creating a Covid-19 Time Capsule Video.

Like discussed with our journals, we are living through a historical time. Using your journal entries and your life experience, you will be creating a 3-4 minute Time Capsule Video. To create a time capsule, you will need to complete a series of mini-lessons and assignments before you can start filming. Friday is your first video lesson, so don't start filming yet!

The first part of this project is your video proposal.

Write 1-2 paragraphs (5-7 sentences) describing what your Covid-19 Time Capsule Video will look like and what you will include.

Include details such as:
Which entries will you use from your journal?
If you plan on using something other than your journal, what would that be?
Will your time capsule have a story or narrative element? (Are you turning your journals into a story about you and your experience? Or a story about a typical teen during this time?)
Will there be other people in your video?
What will you be using to film your video?
What software do you have to create your video?
What makes your time capsule video interesting?
Think about your audience; what would they like to see in a time capsule?

Submit your proposal by Thursday May 7th.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

April 27 - May 1 Learning Plan

You have 2 assignments due on Friday: journaling and infographic. If you need specific instructions on how to do these assignments see last week's blog.

Journaling through Covid-19: I would like you to turn your Journaling assignment in through Google Classroom. Try. I made each of you a doc there. 7-2 did a great job turning in their work on Google Classroom!
Remember to: proof read your work! That's why you did Grammar Graveyard!! Your baby "i"s have come back to life -EEK! I'm seeing them everywhere. Not to mention, nasty run on sentences and failure to capitalize proper nouns. OUCH!
Expectations: 1. Practice proper writing and editing skills. 
                       2. Write 1-3 paragraphs per entry. 2 entries minimum.
                       3. Choose 1 question or 1 prompt from the list below to help you write your                             

Infographic: Your infographic should have pictures and text.  8 facts minimum  must be represented in your infographic. It should be colorful, neat, factually accurate and free of spelling errors. Most importantly, it should be interesting to look at. Entice your views to look at your work. 

Good luck! If you need help ask during Tuesday or Thursday's Google Meet. Stop by and say "hi" even if you don't need help.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Super Fun Journal Twist

Journaling Twist: (Optional Twist)
A self-portrait entry! What if you drew your your face for an entry or multiple entries? Would that be fun? What emotions would your face express?
Hmmm, sounds like fun or torture? If it's torture, you can always keep writing.

Weekly Plan for May 25 - 29

Hello everyone! This week you are going to READ the Video Time Capsule assignment posted under Classwork. You may have to add to your storyb...